The Community Shopper has been serving Campbell County since November of 1978. My father, Ed Pendery, saw a need for small businesses to be able to advertise without breaking their budget. Since the only options to place their coupons, sales & services directly in people’s homes at the time were very expensive, he started The Campbell County Community Shopper.

This was not the first newspaper my father opened. In fact he had previously opened Northern Ky. Sports, a publication mainly focusing on the area high schools and NKU (at that time Northern Ky. State College), The Bellevue Community News & The Dayton Community News. These last two also still serve their communities monthly.

The Community Shopper is still delivered monthly. We deliver 13,600 papers to over 900 locations in Boone, Campbell & Kenton Counties.  We operate by the same principles my father used to start this business. We offer a good product at a very fair price, we do not charge to setup your ad, we do not lock you into an advertising contract.

We want to make doing business with us a simple and pleasurable experience that can help grow your customer base & business.